Home Remedies Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera the species often used in herbal medicines is a boon to the humans especially ladies. Aloe Vera is a natural gift for enhancing the beauty of the skin, hair as well as many medical benefits. Aloe Vera is a stemless plant which grows up to 60-100cms. We can plant Aloe Vera in pots if you are staying in apartments or in a small place. There are various types in Aloe Vera approx. over 200 varieties.

Aloe Vera is mostly used in lip balm, consumed as drinks, its gel used in making deserts etc. Aloe Vera plays a vital role in making homemade beauty recipes.

Tightens your skin pores :- 
Take a small piece of Aloe Vera in a bowl, scoop out its gel with a small spoon or knife. Now start rubbing it all over your skin and leave it for 30 mins. This helps in tightening your skin pores naturally.  

Skin Brightening :-
Mix Aloe Vera gel along with 2 tsp of multani mitti and 1 tsp of egg white and apply it over your face after cleansing your face. Leave it for 20 mins and wash it off with luke warm water.

Hair Pack for hair growth :-
Mix Aloe Vera gel along with 2 tsp of egg white and apply the mixture on your scalp and wait for 30 mins and wash your hair. Apply the mixture twice a week for better result.

Healthy and Glowing hair :-
Mix equal proportions of coconut oil, castor oil, seaseem oil boil the oils in a thick iron vessel with slim flame. When  the oil starts boiling add few pieces of cleaned Aloe Vera and boil it in slim flame for 3 mins. After cooling the oil to room temperature remove the Aloe Vera and store the oil in a can and use it regularly on hair. This is a good herbal hair oil.

Aloe Vera as Medicine :-
Take small fresh piece of Aloe Vera gel and wash it 5 – 10 times still its clean. Store the Aloe Vera cubes inside a refrigerator. Consume one small piece of Aloe Vera on empty stomach every morning with tender coconut water or a glass of butter milk. This recipe is good to reduce the body heat as well as good tonic for ladies to maintain their uterus health.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice :-
Consuming Aloe Vera juice helps in curing of several types of gastro-intestinal problems,  ulcers, acts a good blood purifier, skin toner etc.

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