Home Remedies for Anemia

Anemia is not a disease but stated as the deficiency of the red blood cells. It is most common disorder especially in ladies. Iron deficiency leads to anemia. The person affected by anemia will have the symptoms such as body pain, tiredness, headache, hair loss, depressions etc. Iron deficiency, poor diet, huge blood loss or heavy menstrual periods may lead to anemia. In this post you can find valuable home remedies to deal with anemia. 

  • Consuming Kidney and Liver in the diet may help fight anemia.
  • An apple a day not only keep doctor away but also anemia away. So eat as much apples you can.
  • Beetroot have high rich of iron so try to include beetroot in your food intake. Continuous Beet root intake will increase your blood level easily.
  • Light breathing exercise, meditations and walking in clean air increases the red blood cells effectively.
  • Try to consume more natural foods like raw fruits and veggies which fights anemia.
  • Citrus fruits are plays a vital role in absorption of iron. So try to consume a glass of lemon juice after taking 2 – 4 dates in your daily diet.
  • Try to consume as much as green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish (not fried ones), diary products, amla, whole grain cereals in your diet.
  • Jaggery being a wholesome sugar is rich in iron contents and help to increase the hemoglobin counts.
  • Anemic patients should avoid white bread, fried items, sweets etc from their diet.

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