6 Tips for Healthy Heart

Here are the easy ways to nourish and tone your heart which paves way for a healthy heart – the vital organ.  Follow these steps in your daily life routine. 

  •  Count your Calories  : What ever you intake as food keep a calorie counter so that you may not cross your calorie intake limit. This formula not only makes you fit but also helps for a healthy heart.
  •  Laugh out Loud  : There is no best therapy more than smiling. Smiling not only make us young and beauty but also is acts as a best therapy for healthy heart. 
  •  Meditations and Yoga  : Meditations and Yoga helps in increasing self confidence, lowering emotional disorders, increases blood flow all over our body and reduces the heart disease risks highly.
  • Avoid irregular Diet Programs : Irregular diet programs such as unbalanced diet, frequent fasting, dieting, binging etc weakens the heart muscles.
  • Include a Healthy Diet : Healthy diet such as low fat diary products, consuming more amount of Omega-3 Fatty acids rich food such as seafood like fish, prawns etc, high amount of leafy green vegetables, water rich fruits such as water melon, cucumber etc instead of binging over fried foods such as chips and fast foods like bugger, pizza etc.
  • One meal with family : Have any one meal with family rather than before TV provides an opportunity for emotional support etc.

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